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the first studio in the world, we suggested the idea, that by 2000’s, has been enough time of humans-coding-for- computers, and it’s the right time to have the computers now code - for us, everything we need, when we need, how we need. Software, engineering, games, and - a better life. We are an Australian, Melbourne 3000 based studio by over 20+ yrs, and involved on many fields of: sciences, entertainment, and research, helping the industry, to raise the content quality, communities standards, and the way modern media is used, to a much better level, for the benefit of all mankind. We run various projects in games industry, science, and research fields, and we are non-for-profit based ( appart generous donations ) collaborate with everyone, from single individuals, to a large production studios, and companies, and are not exclusive regardless contacting, reputation, or usual of yada-yadda, so warmly - always welcome to chat, for everyone, via our page contact details here … We run a couple of multimedia studios, providing many sorts of different multimedia, entertainment, and science content, and among our other activities, some are  also (worldwide) humanitarian donating, for various causes, to mention a few eg: Operation Migration, and alumni King’s College, London UK --- advanced sciences dept, at which, some of us are also post graduate scholars, and some of us are honorary alumni members, as well … Also, WorldVision (donations here), or one of our favored partners, everyone’s beloved RSPCA ( an latest link here ) We run good 20+ yrs now, as well, and we are Melbourne East based, VIC, Australia. From all game engines, and in this order, our favories are: -Unity -Game Maker -Torque 3D -Unreal Engine -NeoAxis Engine -CryEngine We are also well known for providing our help in games industry, on productions on various game engines which have been stalled from the ”‘unknown” reasons, and such productions can not be published, untill we have a lookie at the stuff, do a bit of code surgery, and also find here-to there that someone also have left something un-ticked, at the wrong place, push too much coffeine - not good idea. :) We are also (now less active) recording label, known as ‘Oztronix Studios’ and ‘Oztronix Band’ and our various music productions can be found around the net, by the simple google search                                                           :) We are also well known, to never spell-check too much as we believe, that: only the content matter is of importance, and be the first priority always, instead of perfectly spelled content that no one gives the attention about, as elsewhere. Again, we do never spell-check too much, and that’s not going to change, it’s a promise                                              :) *** A quick note, to our existing (paid) collabs, scripters, modelers, testers, and all other interested-to-be-recruited: -With all of our projects, if replying to any of our job offer threads, at Unity Forums, or at Elance, or at Upwork, or elsewhere anywhere from the net: you will have to  do the: work, in the timelines given to you, and by the rules given to you. It will be no sitting on your lovelies, and just asking for more money, as we have experienced, with many “experts” so far out there, hunting for, and answering our job offer threads on the net, but that proven to be their only skill. We don’t need that, so in that case: better do not bother, we are very bussy over here, and with many projects and have NO need for your entertainment needs. *** Thanks, to all who don’t have  (and don’t make) this problem, and - as always - keep the good work, guys. Vranic Studios 3000

Current, most popular,

current production - RDA

RED DAWN APOCALYPS A shooter video game, by our studio, produced from our huge, multi-games framework, always as several separate playable episodes, and deployed for the different platforms, here, from the studio page direct links here.
*If you like RDA, you can donate: HERE

* RDA * current * most popular *

ARACHNOPHOBIA The fear of creepers ... * A small window, in the world of RDA * You are lost in one of endless corridors of the unknown Moon bases, by the shadow entity, and, as always, after another rare info you can get back to Earth, for the purposes of reverse engineering. But, as always, there is a problem: it’s all purposely infested, and - they don’t want you to get any info, and are - not guest friendly … The creepers are not that evolved yet, but take care where, (and how) you step ! (about 370 MB, the Win installer file, with a dedicated desktop icon for you. The recommended RDA game play is via Game Pads, or Xbox controllers, *if played via keyboard - it’s not RDA ! ***if your game pad is constantly changing the player weapons without you pressing any buttons - you need an OLDER driver version for your game pad*** Arachnophobia map - a small window, to the huge world of RDA :) The best is to keep game as “windowed”, on the start setup dialog. *Windows version, (about 300 MB only) with gamepads vibration: download: HERE  

* RDA * current * most popular *

HOVER CARS MAP The one of RDA maps that became popular as early in this (still) testing phase of our newly installed Hover Cars. You can also run into some unfriendly clone cyborg soldiers, and cyborg lava dogs, deployed to prevent any enthusiasts finding what just happened in the area … As long as you sit inside a Hover, they will not see you :) There are few hidden things to find, so look around, and good luck, commander :) *Windows version, (about 200 MB), Gamepads vibration is supported. The best is to keep game as “windowed”, on the start setup dialog. To exit the game, to the Menu, it’s best to first exit the vehicle you’re in, and than hit the “Escape” button. Download: HERE  

* RDA * current * most popular *

COMBAT FLIGHTS, at Zone X … it’s the old wisdom, that more tests are done, the better machines you can build… …by 1933 to ‘38, we have open a time window, for you, to get some  … missing data … In this mission, you simply tag along, and test as many of the machines you can, in direct combat, which is always happening in that ‘X” one. You never know who might be watching, (we may be just behind the gameplay, and be improving  the things, based on your direct aid fly-by contribution…) It’s been a rumour, that many, ahead-of it’s time, and never-disclosed technologies are being tested in that area, by many sides, and - we need you to get onto it, so we can find out more, about that area, and what exactly you can get your hands on, so we can have more info as possible, once you make … say … a fly by ? … ***To exit the game, to the Menu, it’s best to first exit any vehicle  / plane you’re in, and than hit the “Escape” button. *Windows version, with gamepads vibration: download: HERE … more missions, coming soon, in this section … … for all unpacking we recommend Win Rar utility …  
Lilydale Flying School & Club - YLIL - MAP … it’s the times when you go to your Yarra Valley flying club, and do what you like - just - in this map - you can do it ingame ! Map, and all the programming is made, by Dr Michael Vranic, RAAus club member, with original elevation, and location, at some reduced graphics of environment, to boost the performance. A smple gameplay is intended only. The legendary Jabiru aircraft, made proudly in Land Down Under is available for your VFR flying pleasures, and also few more rare aircraft, so you can fly at original geographic location, and environment. This map is made for all Lilydale Club members, to enjoy flying over the well known environment, on a rainy day :) Gameplay is recommended by Game Pad, but if you don’t have it - it will be a harder work, to play it by using keyboard-mouse, you will only have to tap buttons a lot, ( that’s not really intended for our maps, but it can be done, as well :) Some planes are also armed, careful with the Xbox controller (or other Game Pad triggers, when taking off ) Game Pad layout is: -A - start or stop engines, jump out -B - toggle plane landing gear, if applicable -X - use items,  reload, or enter / exit planes (vehicles) -Y - select next weapon -Left Bumper: slow & reverse throttle (good for braking,  as well) -Right Bumper: throw grenade, if you find them :) -Right stick-in: change cameras, melee, flip vehicles / reset vehicles -Right stick left-right: plane jaw, vehicle turning -RIght stick forward: throttle forward, or back for throttle back -Left stick forward: move forward -Left stick back: move back -Left stick right: move right, etc -Left stick left-right: plane roll (bank turning) Left stick in: player run, boost vehicle speed -Left stick forward-back: plane pich, chopper pitch (up-down), or car forward and back movement Keyboard - mouse layout: -Enter-exit vehicles, use items: “E” -player jump up: space -player run: hold Left Shift -plane grear: “G” -move player: W, A, S, D, etc -mouse wheel: change weapons -the rest of commands: figure it out :) ***To exit the game, to the Menu, it’s best to first exit any vehicle  / plane you’re in, and than hit the “Escape” button on the keyboard. ( make sure you have landed first :) *Windows version, with gamepads vibration features, download: HERE Lilydale Flying School & Club - YLIL (INFESTED MAP version) Same map version as the above, but: this time you are trying to do everthing in the Zombie outbreak situation, where all is infested around, and coming from various contagion sources, so as the map creatures :) We have provided hidden weapons around, which you can pickup by your Player walking around and reduce the level of infestation around your planes, Club, and city. Some map areas have the buildings so search for them around, and beware of infested creatures - they are not friendly. Ammo is scarce, when found, so be careful how you use it around, in this infested map :) *Windows version, with gamepads vibration features, download: HERE *** for both maps, if your gamepad is constantly changing your player weapons, once you have them: you need to install an OLDER driver, for your Game Pad, or Xbox controller.